Improve Your Leadership Through Better Self-Care

You work very hard, moving from meeting to meeting and if you are lucky you have a few quiet hours at the end of your work day to complete outstanding task and to catch up on email.  You leave work much later than you planned only to run into traffic.

If you are fortunate, you are greeted at home by the most supportive spouse and peaceful children the world has ever known. In reality most of us walk into our homes feeling guilty, just trying to survive the hecticness of the dinner, bathing and bedtime routines. Before we know it, the alarm is going off. The merry-go-round is re-starting, and we have not done those things for ourselves that we have been promising for the last few months.

While this survival mode with limited self-care might be okay to manage the normal pressure of work and home, the truth is this does not prepare us to deal with sudden increase of stress from the inevitable work or home crisis. Elite athletes prepare themselves for their most stressful time by first acknowledging that their mind, body, emotions and spirit will be different in those championship defining moments.

Just like with elite athletes, the business executive should anticipate that there will be peak periods of stress in either their personal or professional lives.

The absolute best method to prepare for the demands of leadership and work is to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For most of us it is as simple as getting enough sleep, getting regular exercise, eating well and doing something to relax or stimulate our minds.

The simple truth is that the leaders who practice good self-care, will be more clear headed, emotionally balanced and have the stamina to handle the most challenging situations in their work and personal lives. After all, remember your mood as the leader is the most contagious to the team.

Summing-up: The better we take care of ourselves, the more equipped we will be to handle the challenges and stresses of work and life.

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