The Team Scoreboard

Could you imagine any sports team seriously competing without a scoreboard? Do you think the teams would play different? Can you imagine watching the “big game” without seeing the score? How long would you continue to watch the game?

In sports the scoreboard is very visible and is critical to the teams success as they evaluate how they are doing, adjust and do their best to score higher than their competition.

A scoreboard on a business team fulfills the same purpose. It provides the team a way to display how they are doing, monitor their progress and make adjustments to their top priorities and goals.

Without a scoreboard people play differently. Teams with a scoreboard outshine those without. They play harder, they care more, they assess, evaluate and adjust their efforts – they are simply more focused on the outcome. Teamwork and results improve when the score of the team is being kept and focused on improving goals.

The team scoreboard should include a chart achievement showing where the team currently is in relation to the goal, what the target goal/result is and the deadline for completion of the goal.

It should be updated regularly, be big, visible to the entire team, and take only a glance to understand.

The scoreboard should be displayed and reviewed in every team and/or project meeting. Meetings are an opportunity to talk about progress, barriers and any adjustments that are needed to be made to improve the score.

Summing-up: So, what do you think? Are you ready to see the focus and pace of your team increase? Are you ready to see more collaboration, more caring and improvement? Then, use a team scoreboard. With a little effort it can have a tremendous impact on the teams performance and their goals.

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