The Strategic Use of Powerful Words

Some words are more strategic and valuable than others.

Most of us go to sleep with to-do lists racing through our minds. We wake with those same reminders looping as we mutter to ourselves in the early hours. What we hear from others in the morning time will either help us acclimate to the day or throw us off into unhelpful side eddies of frustration or worry.

The problem with humans is that if our to-do lists are racing then we will often allow the lists to spew out of our mouths onto the minds of those around us. If you are prone to be a Doer, then implement a quiet time before a to-do list. Read or listen to something inspiration before the “to-do machine” starts. This will benefit everyone. If you are prone to be an encourager. Keep doing it. You are the oil that makes humans operate fluidly.

Spoken and written words carry awesome power. The words and phrases that you use in your daily business and personal life are extremely important. Our words can add positive power and help us gain success or our words can add negative power and help reduce or prohibit success.

The two most powerful words are “thank you.” The three most powerful words are “would you please?” The four most powerful words are “what do you think?” And the five most powerful words are “I am proud of you.”

Summing-up: The starting words are more valuable than most. They only work if we are completely honest.

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