Perfect Mistake Practice Makes Perfect

It’s been said that practice makes perfect. Or perfect practice makes perfect. But the reality is, rarely anything is flawlessly executed. We can train, practice, study, go through scenarios over and over inside our head, but there is nothing that can actually simulate for “showtime.” There is nothing that can emulate the nerves, the environmental conditions, equipment deciding not to work and a host of other issues that all tend to rear their heads at the wrong time.

And this isn’t about having a backup plan, which you should also have. Backup plans and encountering mistakes are two different things.

It seems we are always practicing and doing dry runs to make sure everything goes right. But what about when things go wrong? What if we spent as much time considering those moments and practicing what to do when things go wrong?

This is why we have to practice our mistakes, or running through those catastrophic scenarios that make you think, “I’m dead, there’s nothing I can do, show’s over.”

Summing-up: Practice Your Mistakes: Know How to Fall. If you’ve gone through catastrophic scenarios before, then it’s not a catastrophe, it’s a slight detour from the original plan. You know exactly what to do to fix the problem because you’ve practiced this before.

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