Expand Your Circles

In the business world, as in movies, the big breaks flow through contacts between people, not necessarily close friendships, just contacts–sometimes tenuous ones. Your chances of getting a lucky break are in direct proportion to the number of people you know. Develop a network of friends and acquaintances at home and at work. Attend events with the goal of meeting one new person.

Luck flows along linked chains of people until it hits targets. This kind of motion is a basic element of serendipity. To move is to shake things up, to break out of your routine, to find new ways to consistently meet new people and run into new ideas. Motion does not discriminate based on experience, IQ, or educational background–it simply rewards energetic, spontaneous action.

You can increase your opportunities for luck by having a large network of friends and by being flexible. Take varied routes to work or go to different places for coffee rather than ‘the usual’. Exploring new territory naturally increases good fortune. And try to keep your mood positive. Anxiety gives us tunnel vision; while we are focusing on a potential danger we miss extraneous, but potentially beneficial, information.

Being social and having positive relationships have been proven to make you live a longer, happier and healthier life. Positive social relationships can lower stress levels, reduce blood pressure, and generally make life more enjoyable.

Summing-up: Take charge and be active in making decisions that put you on the path towards expanding your social network and creating more meaningful relationships with the new people you meet.

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