Are You the Driver?

Consider the metaphor of a Roman chariot race. When you are driven, you are the horse. Your fears and insecurities in the form of your autopilot are driving the chariot (your life). They whip you to go faster and faster until there’s no time for anything but running. No matter how exhausted you are, you run on, your tongue hanging out and lather coating your flanks.

As the horse in this scenario, you don’t have the time or regard for anything but the race. With this single-minded focus, you accomplish many goals but you are likely to run over whatever is in your way to achieve them. You also ignore the journey, bypass the scenery without a glance, and look up at the end of your life and all you have done is run from your fears — and there’s nowhere else to run.

Many driven people will say that their fears are how they motivate themselves. And that’s true. But as a strategy, it is a poor one.

There’s a better way — a better strategy that preserves the energy and desire to achieve but without the negative consequences. When you decide to stop running and to turn and face your inner demons, you can shift from the driven to the driver of your life. As you develop your inner mastery, you:

When you become the driver of your life’s chariot, the horse that pulls you forward is your purpose and passion. These are far more powerful and sustainable sources of energy, enthusiasm, adaptability and conviction. They also invite others on the journey with you rather that running them over or dragging them behind you.

As the driver, you can stop whenever you want. You can enjoy the journey and celebrate the milestones and successes.

Summing-up: Life is a series of steps taking us in a direction. Be sure you are the one determining that direction.

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