Trust Flexibility

Productivity rarely comes naturally. Why? Because everyday work life can be stressful, busy and downright exhausting. As a result, it’s hard to find time to really sit back, rationalise and tackle the tasks at hand.

Employees are healthier, experience less stress, and are more productive and engaged when they effectively make choices about how, where and when they work. One way to do this is by responding to individual “work styles.” There are ways to help us conquer our unproductive slumps and it all starts with flexibility. Some examples of ‘flexible’ working that have a positive and productive impact are:

Home working schemes: having the opportunity to work from home, either full time or for a few days a week, can let us feel more in control of our working schedules and habits. As well as making you happier, workplace flexibility can also make you more productive. Unlike a strict nine-to-five routine, flexible working days allow us to choose our own working hours. In turn, this allows us to work when and where we feel most productive, rather than forcing us to work allocated hours that may hinder their workflow.

Personal freedom in the office: not all businesses are prepared to allow their colleagues to work remotely. But that doesn’t mean that office spaces can’t be optimised to encourage employee efficiency. Simple changes, such as the ability to customise individual desks and workspaces, can allow employees to feel more in control of their environment and tasks.

Autonomy in the workplace: having some independence at work is important for your happiness, health and productivity. Being consistently micromanaged, or having your schedule determined for you, can be frustrating and leave you feeling emotionally exhausted. After all, no one enjoys feeling like a caged animal.

Summing-up: There’s a common misconception that ‘flexible’ correlates to slacking. But in reality if you’re able to trust your employees and manage them effectively, you’ll find that a bit of freedom here and there can work in your favour.It’ll make your workplace happier, cooperative and more productive.

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