Set Your Own Deadlines

A deadline is a date or time before which something must be done. Deadline triggers us into a state of urgency. The state where we don’t have time to think about excuses, the time where the only option is to actually complete the task.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated to finish a project — or even to start it — consider setting yourself a deadline. Setting meaningful deadlines can quell procrastination and assist with completing a project or assignment. Especially if you have a larger project to tackle, breaking it down into smaller segments and assigning a deadline to each one can make the project much more manageable.

Setting a deadline turns on the super effective and productive mode, where we do our best work and where we complete things; not just start them. Deadlines orient you towards what you need to do and when.

On the other hand, the deadlines that you set up for yourself are based on estimates. Do not use them to beat yourself up! Self-flagellation about not meeting such deadlines will demoralize you and sabotage your progress. Be flexible and note how you are doing in regard to your deadlines. Re-evaluate periodically and adjust your schedule accordingly. If you’ve set the deadlines realistically, you won’t be too far off, and you will get better at setting them the more you observe your habits and adjust.

Summing-up: Whenever you have an assignment, schedule a deadline. When setting a deadline, give yourself a few days of leeway in case you run into problems or otherwise need extra time to work. Also, try to stagger your personal due dates throughout the year so you aren’t overwhelmed with work at any one time.

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