The Art of Making Things Happen

There’s a difference between being able to do everything and doing everything. You shouldn’t try to do everything, just be able to magnificently orchestrate those who can.

Don’t overthink everything. Try something and fail at it over and over until you find out how to do it properly—to see if it is worth pursuing. When you don’t succeed, it isn’t failure. It is discovery. Failure is final. Discovery is just the beginning. You didn’t fail. You learned what to do on your next attempt. It’s an education. If you build up obstacles in your head, you’re looking for a reason to end it. That’s failure.

Discover your strengths and manage your weaknesses. Focus on the smallest element that can bring you down. Focus on your own weak links, the things that foul up your life or your work again and again and again.

Forget about counting likes. If you tell people how good you are, that’s just selling. Get others to talk about you—recommend you. What brands need to do—both personal and business brands—is ask other people to validate the truth. Focus on the community you’re building around you.

Invest in your growth. Get better for your clients. And let them know. There’s no reason to get into a room with people stupider than you. When you expose yourself to something new, you never go back. Be a sponge.

Summing-up: Action is everything. Learn what you don’t know, then try again. It doesn’t always work out. When it doesn’t, stop counting your losses. Sometimes you have to flip the page over and start a new cycle, one that’s focused on something positive. The tactics change over time. The thinking never does.

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