Onboarding Is Successful When Expectations Are Met

As a general rule, when our expectations are met, we’re happy. When they aren’t, we’re disappointed.

Same happens with candidates. When they accept a job offer, they expect to like their job and the company they’re working for. When that happens, they’re happy and engaged. When it doesn’t, they are disengaged and eventually leave. Or maybe they are disengaged and stay. Either way, it’s not good.

Hiring managers have expectations too. Managers hire employees with the expectation that they’ll learn about their job, like their work, and perform well.

All of this points to the onboarding process. Setting and clarifying employee expectations is an important part of the onboarding process. Requirements and expectations need to be established from the beginning. New employees should not be surprised once they begin work.

Onboarding sets the stage for expectations to be met or disappointment to start sinking in. A clear onboarding process is proven to increase confidence and satisfaction, improve productivity and performance, and reduce stress and confusion for the new employees.

Setting clear expectations and boundaries, and being up front about what the new hire will need to do will make them feel more comfortable and capable. It reinforces the fact they are working with a professional. It also shows them that you take their project and the relationship seriously.

Summing-up: Employee onboarding is about setting expectations. Making a good first impression sets the tone for their duration of their employment. It’s important to provide thorough training, make yourself readily available, and allow them to ease into their new role.

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