Are you Focused on your Speed or on your Velocity?

While speed and velocity are similar, they are definitely not the same. So, how are they different? Speed is a matter of how fast an object is moving regardless of the direction it’s going, whereas velocity is a matter of how fast an object gets somewhere with respect to direction.

Think of a person repeatedly taking two steps forward and then two steps back. They are moving, but they’re not getting anywhere. In other words, they have speed, but no velocity. In short, speed is a measure of how fast an object moves, while velocity is a measure of how fast an object gets somewhere.

When you’re at work, you need to know what you need to do to keep your job. You need to know the table stakes. Then you need to distinguish between tasks that offer a lot of speed and those that offer velocity.

While productivity often refers to doing more every minute (speed), increasing velocity to goal means deciding where not to spend time and resources. You’ll cover the path to goal in less time and with less effort. It’s not more work, it’s just more achievement.

Summing-up: People who say yes to everything have a lot of speed. They’re always doing stuff but never getting anything done. Why? Because they don’t think in terms of velocity. Velocity measures displacement. It’s direction-aware. Understanding the difference between speed and velocity will change how you work.

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