Learning From The Future as It Emerges

We live in a time of massive disruptions. We can feel stuck—unable to redirect the course of events in any significant and constructive way. Everything begins with our blind spot. We see the world the way we are. We create the world we live in. Action comes into the world from what is going on inside of us. If we pay attention this way, therefore it emerges that way.

Too often we don’t factor in our interior condition. We can see what we do (results). We can see how we do it (process). But we usually are not aware of the who: the inner place or source from which we operate. That is our blind spot: the place from which our attention and our intentions originate—our source.

What we give attention to, what we notice, what we act on, is a function of our interior condition. This of course, affects how and what we learn and thus what we can apply to any given situation. Typically, we learn from the experiences of the past, but responding with what we have learned is not going to be enough: we have to learn from the future as it emerges. This is “presencing“.

We can engage in the moment in two ways. One is the present moment that is basically and extension of the past. The present moment is shaped by what has been. The second is a quality of the present moment that functions as a gateway to a field of future possibilities. The present moment is shaped by what is wanting to emerge. That quality of time, if connected to, operates from pre-sensing the highest future potential.

In times like ours, it is this second presencing quality of the present that matters most because without that connection we tend to end up as victims rather than co-shapers of disruption.

Summing-up: We need to change the way we approach what we know and do. We need a new way of seeing, learning, and doing. We need to learn from the future as it emerges, based on the presencing quality of the present.

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