Create Margin

The conditions of modern-day living devour margin. When you are breathless, they connect you to oxygen, but when you are marginless, they give you yet one more thing to do.

Marginless is fatigue; margin is energy. Marginless is hurry; margin is calm. Marginless is anxiety; margin is security.

It’s so important to leave room in your life, in your home, and add margin to your schedule. You need room to breathe, to think, to rest, to play, and to just be. If every area of your life is so cluttered with stuff that you can’t find time to enjoy life… you have too much stuff.

Setting boundaries is an important part of a healthy life.

Margin is unscheduled time that you can use in whatever way refreshes you or helps you get back on track with life. Margin is your breathing room. Margin is the place where you can reflect on the text of your life.

Margin in your life provides time to create, relax, or recharge. It’s intentionally setting aside time to read, think, dream, relax with your family and friends, or exercise: a deliberate time to create more balance and deeper engagement in your life.

Summing-up: Margin is the boundaries, the rest that is built into your every day life.  It is the space between our load and our limits. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating. It is the opposite of overload.


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