Your Personal Time Machine

Keeping a regular journal has lots of benefits. For instance, journalling helps you stay calm and face the things that worry you, it also improves your productivity because it helps you prioritise or decide what’s important, both in your life and in your day. Daily reflection can help you identify mistakes, learn from them, let go of them and move on. Simply put, with a journal you can grow better, faster.

In addition, keeping a journal can improve your memory. The act of writing things down helps you remember things better, even if you never go back and read what you’ve written. But if you do enjoy reading over the stuff you wrote last month, last year or 10 years ago, your journal is like your personal time machine.

When you read your past notes, your past emotions, your past feelings, the things that were relevant to you in that moment, your brain travels to that day in your life and you can almost feel like your past self is talking to you right now and sharing these thoughts with you right now. It is also great to see how far you have come and see all the things that have happened in your life.

Even more, when you are writing today in your journal, you are now sending some notes to your future self. Write down something to take into account, something to remember, something that can be useful in the future. Write down the lessons you have learned and the mistakes you have made. Your future self will appreciate them very much.

Summing-up: keep a personal journal and read it in the future. A journal is your personal time machine.

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