Never Do Stuff You Hate Doing

If we hate doing something, we won’t do it for long, so it all becomes a bit pointless.

We have to make a distinction between the stuff we hate and stuff we can just about tolerate. It is a fact of life that a lot of the things that are good for us are often hugely unenjoyable. We have to avoid stuff we hate, but we may need to put up with things we can tolerate.

We can stop focusing on what we want, what we love, what our calling or passion is. Conversely, we can start focusing on what we hate, what makes us bored, what’s draining our sense of excitement. Once identified, we must try to remove all of them, we can think about how we could make the necessary changes to do not have to deal with those kind of annoying things anymore.

In fact, we are really good at doing some kind of things, some kind of tasks. Of course, these are our strengths. What is the point to waste our time doing things we hate, doing things we don’t do well?

One might think that with some specific training and effort we can improve how we perform these tasks, … and sometimes, after some years of hard effort, this can happen,… but most of the times this is a completely waste of time.

On the other hand, imagine all this effort focused on improving more our strengths, the things we really love to do, the tasks we are very good at, …. we will become an expert in our field, we will be more efficient, more productive, we will feel more satisfied at the end of the day, and the impact of our work will be bigger for our company.

Summing-up: Life is too short to do stuff we hate doing. Be pragmatic, be efficient, become an expert.

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