Change your Perspective: Focus on the Path

Our perspective is a significant factor in shaping our beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. It affects how we see the world around us and is essential for developing a positive and growth-oriented mindset that can lead to success.

One critical aspect of perspective is our ability to focus on the positive. When we frame our thoughts in negative terms, we reinforce negative behavior and make it harder to achieve our goals. This is because our brains struggle to process negatives. Instead, we should focus on the affirmative by stating what we want to achieve, rather than what we want to avoid.

This concept is particularly relevant when interacting with others. Whether we’re communicating with children or adults, we should aim to communicate what we want people to do, rather than what we want them to avoid. This approach encourages positive behavior and fosters a growth mindset.

The importance of perspective is also evident in the experiences of pilots and skiers. When pilots are given negative instructions, such as “don’t hit the obstacle,” they tend to focus on the obstacle and are more likely to hit it. Similarly, when skiers concentrate on avoiding trees, they tend to focus on the trees rather than the path forward. Instead, they should focus on the path, enabling them to find a clear way through the trees.

This principle applies to all aspects of our lives, from personal to professional. When we focus on obstacles and negative thoughts, we limit our potential and reinforce negative behavior. Instead, we should concentrate on the path ahead, looking for opportunities to grow and learn.

In conclusion, perspective is a critical element of our lives. By focusing on the positive, communicating effectively, and staying focused on the path ahead, we can achieve our goals and reach our full potential.


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