Forget Going Big: Focus on the Smallest Viable Market

In the age of chasing millions of users and global domination, a quiet revolution is brewing. Marketers and creators are rediscovering the power of the Smallest Viable Market (SVM), a concept popularized by marketing guru Seth Godin and author Kevin Kelly.

Imagine a market with just a thousand “true fans,” as Kelly puts it. These aren’t casual followers; they’re deeply invested, understand your value, and are likely to buy anything you create. This core group provides the fertile ground for growth, allowing you to refine your offering and build a loyal community.

But why focus small when scaling big seems more glamorous? Here are the hidden advantages of the SVM approach:

  • Laser Focus: By targeting a specific niche, you gain a deep understanding of their needs and desires. You can tailor your product or service to perfectly resonate with them, creating exceptional value.
  • Rapid Feedback Loop: With a smaller audience, feedback is immediate and direct. You can quickly iterate and adjust based on their response, constantly improving your offering. Imagine getting detailed comments on your first draft from a thousand passionate fans!
  • Building Trust: In a smaller community, trust is easier to establish. You can directly interact with your audience, fostering a sense of closeness and loyalty. This strong foundation becomes the bedrock for long-term success.
  • Sustainable Growth: A loyal following provides a reliable customer base. This allows you to focus on creating high-quality products and services, knowing you have a dedicated audience who appreciates your work.
  • Reduced Risk: Launching to a smaller audience minimizes financial and emotional risk. You can test the waters, validate your idea, and refine it before making a bigger splash.

The SVM approach isn’t about staying small forever. Once you’ve established yourself as a trusted leader within your niche, expanding to a wider audience becomes a natural progression. Your core community serves as your biggest cheerleaders, advocating for your brand and attracting new followers.

Summing-up: the next time you’re tempted to chase the masses, remember the power of the smallest viable market. It’s a philosophy that fosters deep connections, rapid iteration, and ultimately, sustainable success. Find your thousand true fans, and watch your business blossom.


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  1. Izam

    I had never heard of this concept but I agree that to be important you have to have a small and strong community first. Love the way you’ve explain it btw.

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