Creativity and Swimming

There is no one without significant creative potential. Every person has at least some ability to be creative. And of course, that includes you. You are a creative individual, whether you have ever thought of yourself that way, and whether you seem to be functioning that way. You are a creative individual! At least potentially.

Creativity must be developed, then disciplined, before it can finally be deployed.

There’s a vast difference between comprehension and practice. Reading a book about swimming is one thing; diving into a pool is quite another. You may learn about swimming by reading, but you learn to swim by swimming. Likewise, you learn to be creative by practicing the principles of creativity.

One reason why many of us doubt our creative capacities is the large gap that may exist between our creative potencial and our creative productivity. Having never turned out a masterpiece, we are prone to conclude, “I’m not very creative”.

Summing-up: We need to develop the mentality of Michelangelo, who, upon viewing a piece or marble on one occasion, is reported to be have said, “There is an angel imprisoned in it, and I must set it free!” Don’t deny your creative giftedness; release it!


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